Domestic Water Softeners

Water like energy is essential for life, for the safety and progress of human life and urban centers

Fitting a domestic water softener will reduce limescale or hardness giving you all the benefits of soft water. Limescale builds up in pipes, boilers, washing machines and dishwashers. Fitting a water softener reduces this scale, saving money, lengthening the life of equipment, reducing scale deposits around showers and taps, making laundry feel softer and reducing the use of detergents and other chemicals. Timed controlled models regenerate automatically every 2 or 3 days. Meter controlled versions monitor the amount of water used to regenerate when it needs to.

The Challenge

The presence of a well with drinking water becomes fundamental for the development of villages just as the containment of the water level or rainwater is equally important.

Thinking about more advanced systems, such as the municipalities, which have to bring drinking water to the various homes and consequently manage the waste water. Or about the public and government bodies (hospitals, rest homes, airports, naval ports, military corps), or waste waters from industry, which can be highly polluted, especially if they come from mining, refineries or steel mills.

These waste waters must be treated with technologies and processes for the purification and elimination of pollutants, so that they can be reused for irrigation or other industrial working processes, or simply discharged into the sewer system.

The efficiency of the treatment as well as of the water management is made possible by sophisticated machinery with automatic monitoring and control systems, whose continuous operation must be guaranteed. All this is made possible thanks to the availability of an uninterrupted source of energy, mainly electrical.


For this reason, the generator, as emergency power source, or to manage power peaks, in parallel with the network, etc… becomes a fundamental component of the water treatment and management system.

Choosing the right generator can allow significant savings, increase efficiency and safety, and it can give flexibility to the system, thinking to medium long term increase in the capacity of the implant

Another field of application for the electric generator are the Mobile Drinking Water depuration plants: usually made in containers containing tanks and pumps which are operated by a generator.

These mobile water purification units are used to treat polluted water in any environment (well, aqueduct, river, lake etc .) but also to remove bacteria, harmful products and excess salts, providing water that can be used for human consumption.

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