Customise your generating set

Genmac generating sets are highly customizable thanks to more than 300 accessories and optionees tested and coded, to upgrade your generator and better adapt it not only to the surrounding environment and to climatic conditions, but also to the most specific needs of every customer. E.G.P.S have 33 years of experience in electrical power generation and hundreds of projects for different types of applications have allowed E.G.P.S to experience, build and then offer our customers the most comprehensive list ever available in the world of electric generators.

Remote Control by antenna
DSE390 3G Gateway
Kit modem GSM
Remote Control by wire
MTS – Manual Transfer switch
On road trailer kit homologate
Central lifting hook and skid base
Forklift pockets
Oversized fuel tanks
Genuine Spare parts
Fuel leackage sensor
Quick coupling kit
3-way valve
Automatic Refuelling kit
Coolant heater
Battery switch
Cyclon air pre-filter
Insulation Jacket
Electronic Speed governor
Oil Heater
Oil pressure and water temperature gauges
Manual oil pump
Fuel Level cap
Exhaust Hoses
Ground rod
Male plug
Digital Fuel Level gauge
Expansion Module
Earth Fault Breaker
Distribution panel with socket
Distribution panel with 250/400/650a connectors
Axial Air Outlet louver
Control Panel protective door
Mechanical filters for desert or very dusty environment
Control panel with back up controller
Extended terminals
Control panel ventilation system
Water Level Alarm
Water Level Alarm
Fuel tank cap with lock
Water separator filter SEPAR
Oil refilling kit with supplementary tank
Oil Level visible gauge