Item Description

Silenced Inverter Generator

The machine is equipped with soundproofing systems and reduction of the vibrations emitted. The reduction of perceived noise is remarkable, so much so that the noise level of this silenced generator is 66 dB , measured at a distance of 7 m.

Parallel connection of generators

The connection of generators in parallel is used when you want to obtain an electric current of greater intensity than that supplied individually by the GENMAC GR3500Ei inverter generator. By connecting the positive poles on one side and the negative ones on the other, a voltage equal to that supplied by a single element (230V) is obtained, while the intensity is equal to the sum of that produced by the 2 generators.

For this silent inverter generator, the parallel function is max 5 kVA .


Available separately Parallel Kit.

Main features

  • Air-cooled 4-stroke petrol engine 212 cc
  • Power 3.5 kW for 45 kg of weight
  • Electric and recoil starting
  • Frequency stabilizer for safe connection of sensitive electronic devices
  • Easy to carry
  • Reduced consumption
  • With safety guards and sockets
  • Can be connected in parallel
  • Silenced

Standard Equipment

  • Trolley kit included
  • Funnel
  • Tools
  • Instruction manual

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