How to choose the best generator?

Unfortunately many customers think that buying the famous combo Perkins, Stamford, Deep Sea you can make the best deal of your life

How to choose the best generator?

Buying a generator for your business is an important investment.

Unfortunately many customers think that buying the famous combo Perkins, Stamford, Deep Sea you can make the best deal of your life by buying the product with the lower price, because “anyway they are the same”.

However, we must not forget that there are also cables, wirings, connections, terminals, the type of materials and the treatment of the canopy, the type of sound-absorbing material, how the tank was designed, whether there is a liquid containment tank or no, if they are fitted with anti-tear anti-vibration mounts or low quality, if the anti-vibration mounts are correctly calibrated for the generator weight.

Does the connection system between the exhaust pipe and the muffler mount a flexible joint or a simple flexible tube that crystallizes and quickly breaks?

The right engineering of the canopies is very important for proper heat flows and cooling.

For safety is always better to be sure the generating set mounts a sealed control panel IP65.

The generator sometimes is unpredictable and you have to be careful, choosing a product of poor quality and little engineering exposes all of us to important risks as well as to unplanned costs: safety problems such as fires and short circuits, lack of comfort for example for the noise or badly conveyed exhaust gases, possible failures due to bad contacts, water inlet, or breakages due to too many vibrations, deterioration of the cabins due to rust etc…

For an installer or maintenance technician, it really makes a difference how the machine was built. It should have been designed to facilitate cable entry, routine maintenance, access during inspection, ease of cleaning the tank, and even if the cabin is modular, assembled without the use of glues and silicone, the installation operations and maintenance will be facilitated.

Neoprene cables

The most durable and reliable solution are neoprene cables (H07RN-F), very robust thanks to the double insulation shield, resistant to corrosion by oils or chemicals, they allow optimal use even at extreme temperatures (-40 ° C + 70 ° C).

Electrical panel connections and terminals

tidy panel, color coded, with numbered terminals and use of the best materials, in compliance with European standards for quality and safety.

Tank with bund

anks equipped with an additional protection tank which can contain up to 110% of all machine liquids (not only fuel but also oil, refrigerant) in the event of leakage and equipped with a drain valve.

Bell type vibration dampers

They absorb vibrations and have a longer life. If the hardness of the vibration dampers is not well calibrated with the weight of the machine, rigidity problems arise which can cause breakage.

Sound absorbing material

There are different qualities of sound absorbing. Genmac mounts Class 1 soundproofing which is flame retardant and self-extinguishing, 100% recyclable obtained from plastic materials, washable.

Flexible coupling

Solves problems of breakage of the exhaust system

Photo Removable plate

Ample space in the cable entry compartment that facilitates installation.


Easy access to silencer and radiator for cleaning and maintenance.

Are you still convinced that “anyway they are the same”?

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