SDMO Diesel 10 LC A Silence

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General Specification

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Compliance with Standards

• engine > air pollution/STAGE V (2016/1628 EU) description: This regulation on pollutant emissions in Europe concerns all non-road mobile motorized engines used in Europe; i.e. all machinery equipped with a combustion engine (petrol, diesel, gas), excluding vehicles which may be moved to be used, either for personal or professional usage.

• Sound power 94 LWA noise pollution/2000/14/EC description: This is the European Directive on sound power for outdoormachines. The sound level limit for generators over 3.1 kW is 97dB(A).

• Fluid retention container > soil pollution/contributing to the respect of "clean work sites".

Use in extreme conditions

• Design of the enclosure and coolant enables an ATB* of 49 °C (*ATB = air to boil = this is the external temperature beyond which the radiator can no longer cool the engine).

• High-tech enclosure: European steel offering high resistance to corrosion > Design combining uncompromising cooling and sound level.

• Water-cooled engine.

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